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Sales! :)
Hello, I live in France. I ship worldwide but shipping can be really expensive.

I only accept paypal (ou chèque pour les françaises).

Prices are in euro.

Shipping and paypal fees are not included.

I do not smoke but I have a cat (who do not smoke :p but have hairs).

Handmade items can have imperfections.

I'm not responsable for lost/damaged packages.

My feedback is here:


Alice and the pirate ivory headbow
Really pretty ! I bought it without headband, so I added one. Other than that I didn't see any flaw


Detachable ivory bow
It came with the previous headbow. Seller said it's from Btssb (or aatp, don't remember)


Alice and the pirate love airmail socks
I love them but I just can't wear them, they're too eyecatching for me. Tried on with a few coord, never worn for more than 5min


Alice and the pirate black Tea time nostalgia tights
Worn a few times. The heels are a bit stretched, and the toes are scratched.


Hayakawa gomi green rabbit socks
Worn a few times, the sole is a bit dirtier than the rest.


Altered bodyline floral dress and matching bows
I removed most of the old lace because it really felt like plastic and replaced it with nice cotton lace. It's a clean job, no one would guess it wasn't bought that way ;) Other than that, it's in great condition ! Size M


Handmade velvet bordeaux skirt
My camera couldn't capture the color émoticône unsure it's a deep red, really pretty!
Worn once good condition. Georgeous bustle back !
Measurement : W:68 L:51


Thanks for looking <3

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Bonjour j'aimerais t'acheter Angelic pretty rabbit bracelet

Je t'ai envoyé mon adresse paypal sur Facebook.

Bonjour, encore moi ^^
Je voudrais Angelic pretty bracelet marron et rose

Baby the stars shine bright Doll Romancia

Je te la prend si c'est possible :)
Habites tu dans la région parisienne ?

Bonne soirée

Coucou! J'habite à Toulouse et j'ai déjà trois autres intéressées, si personne d'autre ne la prend, elle sera à toi! :)

Pumpkin cat chiffon blouse

Hi! How much is the tracked shipping to Italy? *_*

Re: Pumpkin cat chiffon blouse

In a box, it's 15€. >.< I can send it in a letter, that will be cheaper (around 8€). :)

Bonsoir ^^
La bague bambi est elle encore disponible ?

I would like to be second in line for the AP ring <3

how much is shipping to the UK for the cheshire cat necklace ?


Hello, It is 2,50€ :)

Offbrand socks


Are the offbrand socks OTK's? And if so, how much would shipping to Belgium be?

Hello, they are OTK :) Shipping is around 4€

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